V.D.Lakhno, G.N.Chuev, M.N.Ustinin, V.M.Komarov
Electron Transfer between Globular Proteins: The Dependence of the Transfer Rate on the Distance //Biophysics, 1998, v.43, №6, p.904-908

      Under the assumption that electron transfer between globular proteins takes place via a polaron-type collective excitation, the dependence of the transfer rate on the distance between the donor and acceptor centers was calculated with regard for their fine electron structures. The electron structure of the heme was computed using the quantum-chemical method MNDO-PM3. The results obtained were compared with experimental data on interprotein and intraglobular electron transfer. It was shown that, within the framework of the model proposed, electron transfer is not described by an exponential dependence and requires no definite route, since the entire protein macromolecule participates in the formation of the excited state.